Raspel – my second Android app is now on Google play

As Mappish, the app I published earlier this spring, Raspel is in the domain of experimental apps.

Raspel is quite simple as a program and as an idea. It is a tool that let´s the user train to use a number of spelling alphabets used for radio communicaiton. I intend to use it myself at some extent and the origin of the business case is my own needs for such a tool.

Beeing simple in it’s architecture and complexity it lends itself for easy changes and updates. That is why I intend to use it to explore the possibility to gather from unknown users. A colleagues term for it  is “crowdsourcing requirements”.

So where Mappish is experimental in the program itself and in the possible variations I could use it to visualize geolocation data, Raspel will be experimental in the way it gets its requirements.

The idea is to use a structured method to compile and prioritize the requirements. But the gathering of them is going to be from as many different sources as possible, both established and non established.