I have a background as copy editor (nattchef) and news editor/managing editor (nyhetschef) at among other places Göteborgs-Posten, Bohusläningen and Södermanlands Nyheter.

Managerial achievments in selection

  • Managing the teams publishing several hundred issues of different newspapers. Always under budget and within deadline.
  • Multiple thousands of hours managing teams performing continuous web publishing tasks delivering news in close to real time.
  • Managing the editorial office of then 25 journalists at the local newspaper Bohusläningen in a period of downsizing.
  • Improved the journalistic process at Bohusläningen by implementing the foundation for planned production/layout controlled production with Newspilot.
  • Mentoring two groups of about seven students in systems development projects using scrum. About 50% of the students I mentored got the highest possible grade.
  • Won editorial office of the year and newspaper of the year in 2008 as part of the editorial management at  Södermanlands Nyheter.