About me


Based in Gothenburg, Sweden I’m currently transitioning from journalist to software engineer. I still do a lot of journalistic work, but I spend most of my days in the software engineering field. I guess that makes me a sort of multi competent nerd.

I know a lot about Einarprogramming for example Android devices in Java and have a few successful projects completed. And at this stage Im confident in the process of developing software using engineering principles to maximize the potential profit.

In my work I have managed teams through really tough times and survived. (So did they) That has really put my management and people skills to the test. From that I have experience which is hard to get in other ways.

At my spare time I like to rock climb, both bouldering, sport climbing and top roping. My goal is to sport climb 7a routes since I regularly completes 6c+. If you need tips on how to get up those intermediate rock walls I can give you a tip or two.


IMG_20140602_205414My public SSH-key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCtjpy+sV2W48aEi1q8CPSF/ipACk51K7WkiakWeyExuXd3ve6TuxhbcHy0HzB9serJKsVhoWu9R6Q6Jk4FXimvggVXrzm9ccUkbM2fZaQ3gE+QsHw/3voVUmPGUh6hZ07QBJ72TnpuxoYm3O27kv/0aD4mpy0NFS3bvy6+yxdFRoOZBLD/RoE9b56KcZiVptFqntCvKwKZCzJqs+GK68Qp1mYjHSo304dRTUJILwDeJ5e6mMolFujZhZ+9PTX8oCNDqpkmD26FKmsw1f7BSRh+Mg5eMd5ip2l/l4Pk9u4HStvO0rxNJqRebr4ioQVu5wFF5TDTpavjC9mn/OD3KLTd mail@einarsundgren.se